49 Marais Street, Bailey’s Mucklenuek, Pretoria
Completed Q4 2023 / 41 residences

In the early months of 2022, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of luxury student living in South Africa. Out of this ambition was born our innovative brainchild: Volley Student Living.


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A momentous milestone was achieved on the 14th of March, 2023, precisely at 12:00, when we launched the sales for our inaugural project, Volley Brooklyn. The ensuing response was truly remarkable. With more than 150 astute investors actively participating on our interactive sales website as the official sales commenced, the energy was palpable. What followed was nothing short of awe-inspiring: in a mere 16 minutes, 36 out of the 41 available units seamlessly transitioned from the ‘Reserve’ status to the illustrious ‘Sold’ designation.

  • Land size

  • Landscaped area

  • Completed date

    Q4 2023
  • Meters to University of Pretoria


The vision

Volley is a series of student hotels helping today’s students take on tomorrow’s world. Much more than accommodation, Volley is your all-inclusive membership to a community of dream chasers. You are the next big thing, and we’ve got your wellness, safety and happinessm at heart. A new kind of student living, Volley is first (in) class student accommodation, short stays for visiting friends or family, places to work and work out, and a calendar of social events all under one roof. Calling early birds, night owls, study clubbers and fun-lovers; Volley is a place for instant memories and friends for life. We believe when you come together there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Your future’s shiny bright and your best years are about to begin.

Welcome to a new era



It reaffirms that the relentless pursuit of excellence and the embodiment of innovation yield exceptional outcomes. As we continue to shape the trajectory of student living, we remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver unmatched quality and to redefine the benchmarks of expectation.

Andries Pretorius, Co-Founder


Our concept revolves around the transformative journey from adolescence to adulthood, capturing the essence of growth, sophistication, and vibrancy. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic phase of life that students undergo during their academic years, our design seamlessly integrates elements that reflect maturity while celebrating the bold spirit of youth.

The overarching theme is a harmonious blend of sophistication and youthful exuberance, where refined aesthetics meet daring design choices. The interiors will showcase a thoughtful curation

BOW+ARC x Sketch

Nearby amenities

  1. 1Gautrain Bus Stop
  2. 2Body20 Gym
  3. 3Brooklyn Sports Club
  4. 4F45 Training
  5. 5University of Pretoria
  1. 1Woolies Foods
  2. 2Ster-Kinekor Movies
  3. 3Roberts Bird Sanctuary
  4. 4Crawdaddy's
  5. 5Virgin Active
  1. 1Fokof Bar
  2. 2Life Groenkloof Hospital
  3. 3Capital Craft Beer
  4. 4The Village Hazelwood
  5. 5Brauhaus

Volley Brooklyn is now 100% sold. To discuss the availability of similar projects, please fill out your details below and one of the BOW+ARC team will be in touch to understand your timings and preferences.

Volley Brooklyn