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Plato's 50th Store at Volley Brooklyn

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Celebrating a milestone is always a cause for joy, and Platō Coffee's 50th store is indeed a remarkable achievement. In the midst of the challenging times brought on by COVID-19, Stephan Bredell and his brother Petrus Bredell embarked on a journey to bring Platō Coffee to life in Irene, Pretoria, starting from a humble container. Stephan's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication are truly commendable, making him not only a business inspiration but also a cherished friend to those who know him.

Platō Coffee's growth from a small container in the neighborhood to a thriving coffee empire is nothing short of a South African success story. As a witness to this remarkable journey, seeing the 50th store open its doors at Volley Brooklyn feels like a full-circle moment for many. The resilience and hard work put into creating this coffee haven have not only created a business but a community hub that brings people together over a shared love for exceptional coffee. Here's to the next 50 stores and the continued success of Platō Coffee – a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and a strong sense of community. Cheers to the Bredell brothers and the entire Platō Coffee team!

News & views