471 Monica Road, Lynnwood, Pretoria
Now Selling from R1.25mil / Residential

This limited collection of 19, one-and-two bedroom architecturally eloquent apartments invites timeless luxury into the everyday. Crafted with an exquisite attention to detail, these bespoke homes are designed with enduring style in mind, while Lynnwood’s location enables seamless access to one of Pretoria’s most engaging urban hubs.



The site

Luxury lives in understatement. It’s this careful restraint that makes The Dawn an archetype of timeless design with each element deeply considered to create residences of exceptional craftsmanship. From the intuitive and masterful architecture that creates abundant space for daily life to the refined interiors that anchor texture and light with quality finishes, luxury is discernible in every facet of these beautiful luxury homes.

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    Q1 2025

The vision

Both gently contemporary yet beautifully timeless, The Dawn is a statement of liveable luxury with expansive, malleable spaces, light-flooded interiors and inspired landscape architecture.

An elevated experience



“Luxury lives in understatement. The Dawn embodies timeless design, where every element is meticulously crafted to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and enduring style.”

Andries Pretorius, Co-Founder

For all enquiries please contact Elaine Veldman on +27 (76) 609 2426 or enter your details below and we will get in touch.

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