Sonja Paul, Interior Design, BIT

Effortless Luxury - Volley Brooklyn

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The intention of the interior architecture for Volley Brooklyn was to perfectly blend sophistication and playfulness within its spaces. By playing around with contemporary and traditional elements, a relaxed, yet truly unique and visually striking space was the final result.

The use of chic and classy materials such as marble, leather, and wood creates a sense of luxury, while playful elements such as colourful accents and animated characters add a hint of whimsy and youthfulness to the space. Lively elements in the form of bold art installations, comfortable seating, games tables, and trendy wall art, make the communal spaces not just a place to “pop in”, but rather a place to enjoy your time at varsity and make memories with friends that will last for a lifetime.

This concept ties in with Volley’s brand personality of being fun and brave whilst remaining an empowering space in a cool way. The design, whether in living quarters or communal areas, prioritizes space for individuality and functionality, with features such as high-end communal and private academic spaces as well as ample storage space within living quarters. The attention to detail in every corner makes this housing an unparalleled choice for student living and the perfect environment to live, study and socialize. What an exciting time to design.

News & views