About Bow & Arc

Big enough to deliver small enough to care

Bow & Arc is a vertically integrated real estate investment manager focused on developing and operating transformative real estate assets in spaces often overlooked or undervalued by traditional investment firms

We take a hospitality-minded + residentially inspired approach to design and development

Bow & Arc Vision

Developing Iconic Spaces

At our core, we’re led by a team of two starry-eyed lads with big ambitions to transform the way we build spaces, communities, and the way people live, work, and play. Developing iconic spaces means learning all the rules and then breaking them one by one.

At Bow & Arc we’re driven by the mission to create environments in which people can thrive, it runs through everything we do. From how we create buildings to the services we provide.

Bow & Arc’s Values

Being the best means being open about our values, ethics + rules we play by.

We’re not just a pretty facade, we have a good heart too. Bow & Arc always wants to do right by our guests, employees, business partners and the communities who host us. That’s why we are clear about what guides our ethics and values, how we implement them, and how we protect and trust in one another.

What we do on the daily

Have you ever wondered what developers do? Turns out quite a lot.

Accounting & Finance

Transactions, troubleshooting and the best tailor recommendations in the city #suitup


Land pirates with an eye for finding diamonds both in and out of the rough


Bringing panache to designing memorable spaces


Giving our properties a voice of their own

Customer Experience

Where we turn houses into homes


Your project handled, start to finish


Organising one-on-ones with investors, partners, tenants, and colleagues and, and, and.

Interior Design

It’s what’s on the inside that counts


Just you try to ignore us


Keeping a community together through tech

IT & Infrastructure

Keeping a community together through tech


Numbers and data inform all that we do


Property-minded legal eagles nest here and advise on all project requirements


We’ve installed a red phone with local government and communities to build better spaces

Sales & Rentals

Matchmakers for people and their new homes


A talented bunch who keeps our services servicing

Bow & Arc’s Approach

A design led, curated approach

We take hospitality minded and artistically inspired approach to design and development to ensure our developments stand the test of time.

Developing iconic spaces means learning all the rules and then breaking them one by one.

Bow & Arc’s Approach

Shared Opportunities

Our approch focuses on shared opportunities – a community of people working together to achieve goals. Whether thats completing a degree or starting in their professional career. We’re actively promoting social mobility in everything we do and creating spaces to belong where this is easily achieved.

Bow & Arc’s Approach

Show-stopping Properties

Where others see square footage, we see a frame for storytelling, passions, and shared experiences.